Professional Pool and Hot Tub Removal in Colorado

Professional Pool and Hot Tub Removal in Colorado

If you are looking for pool, spa or hot tub removal in Colorado, contact Pool and Spa Medics today.

An in-ground swimming pool offers the perfect opportunity for a quality time in your yard. Add to it a hot tub or spa, and you have a great outdoor recreational activity year-round. However, you may want to have the pool and hot tub removed for a variety of reasons, for which you will need professional pool services. Homeowners often choose pool removal when during property renovation, purchase, or resale.

The process of pool removal at client’s location Pool and Spa Medics can handle pool removal for Denver homeowners who need new pool installations Pool and spa removal from Pool and Spa Medics in Denver homes makes it easier for you to install again You can get pool or spa removal from Pool and Spa Medics in Denver today for your home or facility

Why DIY Will Not Work

Whatever your reasons, it is important to hire a professional contractor to do the job. Removing an in-house pool is not exactly simple – the hot tub and spa alone can weight upwards of a 1,000 pounds. Here at Pool and Spa Medics, we offer full inground pool and hot tub removal. 

Our service features include:

  • Competitive prices
  • Quick and efficient removal
  • Complete demolition 
  • Safe and clean removal

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Where in Colorado Will You Find Us?

Locations we serve include:

  • Denver, CO 
  • Castle Rock, CO 
  • Evergreen, CO 
  • Brighton, CO 
  • Fort Collins, CO 
  • Longmont, CO 
  • Englewood, CO 

If you wish to get rid of a pool, hot tub or spa at your home for good, contact us. Call now at 303-842-5278. Our experts will be with you in no time to take care of it.

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