Why Hire Pool Removal Services?

Why Hire Pool Removal Services?

Pool and Spa Medics provide professional pool demolition, removal, and landscaping services to homeowners, helping them make the most of every bit of space on their property.

Are you tired of your old pool or find yourself forced to replace it due to significant damage and need professional pool removal services? At Pool and Spa Medics, we provide such pool services and more. 

Pool demolition works can be dangerous and tiresome. Why waste your time and energy on them when you can have professionals perform them? Besides, the simple demolition will not be enough in most cases. You still have to dispose of the leftover materials or fill the hole and find a new purpose for the place where the pool used to be.

Our pool removal services cover such aspects as well. They begin from your decision to remove the old pool, continue with the free consultation and cost estimate, and cover the entire removal process and the site restoration works as well. Our mission is to help you make the most of your property without having to invest any time and effort yourself. 

What to Expect When Hiring Us as Your Pool Removal Contractor?

Whether you need above-ground or inground pool removal services, you can count on our full commitment and dedication to quality and your satisfaction. As your pool removal contractor, we can handle any and all of the following works: 

  • Pool demolition and waste disposal services
  • Excavation services and site cleaning services
  • Pool emplacement filling and grading
  • Hardscaping and landscaping services

In other words, when the works are complete, we leave no sign of your old pool to disturb your view or mess up the landscape. Depending on your preferences, its place can be taken by a pond, a water fountain, a flower bed, a basketball court, or anything else you prefer. Your wish is our command, and we will do everything in our power to honor it. 

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Out of the pool removal companies, none matches the reputation of Pool and Spa Medics. That is because we love our job and we love creating beauty and functionality with our pool and landscaping services. Areas we serve:

  • Denver
  • Castle Rock
  • Evergreen
  • Brighton
  • Ft. Collins
  • Longmont
  • Englewood


You can see that by yourself by calling (303) 842-5278 or sending an email to POOLANDSPAMEDICS@GMAIL.COM. Whether you need a simple pool removal in the Denver area or you have the perfect vision of what your garden should look like, we will not let you down!

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