Choose the Best Fiberglass Pool Installers for Your Project!

Choose the Best Fiberglass Pool Installers for Your Project!

Pool and Spa Medics is one of the few fiberglass pool companies to not only install but also repair and reset fiberglass pools to offer comparable benefits to concrete pools and no hassles.

Are you looking for reliable fiberglass pool installation experts to help you turn your dream project into reality? Look no further than Pool and Spa Medics. We are not only among the best-reputed pool services providers in the Denver area, but also one of the only four inground fiberglass pool installers in the region. We actually recommend these solutions over traditional concrete and gunite alternatives because they bring about all the benefits that these solutions provide without any of the downsides. 

Main Fiberglass Pool Installation Benefits

Fiberglass has made its way in the pool industry as a durable, low maintenance, and easy to work with material. It transmits these benefits and more to fiberglass pools. More and more homeowners choose to install them because they are: 

  • Durable – Some fiberglass pools, like our favorite brand, Latham, have lifetime warranty. 
  • Fast installation – Their complete, single-piece construction speeds up and simplifies fiberglass pool installation considerably. 
  • Low maintenance – They have a smooth gel coating that prevents algae growth and residue build up.
  • Wider selection – Fiberglass pools come in various shapes and sizes, being suitable for some of the most ambitious projects. 
  • Great appearance – Not only do fiberglass pools look well but they cope with tiles, stone, and bricks as well. 
  • Environmentally-friendly – Besides having a long lifecycle and not ending in the landfills, fiberglass is energy-efficient. 

Of course, the key to enjoying all these benefits is to choose your pool carefully and have it installed by one of the best-reputed fiberglass pool companies. Your best bet is to choose a Latham pool and have it installed by Pool Spa and Medics. This way, you get the best of both products and services. 

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Whether you have questions regarding the pool installation process or you’re looking for the contractor to turn your project into reality, we can help. After years of installing, repairing, and resetting fiberglass pools in the Denver area, we will gladly put our fiberglass pool installation experience in your service. We serve the following nearby cities and all locations nearby: 

  • Denver
  • Castle Rock
  • Evergreen
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All you have to do is call (303) 842-5278 or send an email to POOLANDSPAMEDICS@GMAIL.COM.

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