Best Pool Acid Wash In Denver, CO

Best Pool Acid Wash In Denver, CO

Pool acid wash not only completely eliminates dirty spots, and hard water damages, it also kills algae growth and gives you back the pool in mint condition. Call us today to know more.

Are you a proud pool owner, but your regular pool maintenance services is not cutting it? You might need some professional chemical and pool acid wash from time to time to reclaim your pool from the algae and dirt that makes your pool look old and unhealthy.

Your pool looks bad

The simplest way to tell when you need pool acid wash is to just take a look at it. Do you see signs of hard water damage like spots that don’t come out in regular weekly cleaning? Lots of algae growth has happened throughout the winter and now you have green spots everywhere? If your water is starting to look murky, it’s time to get an acid wash to clean it up. 

Algae growth has been in the pool for months

So, you are not using the pool for the winter. It doesn’t look so bad. But by spring or summer, you notice you can’t get rid of the algae growth even if you try to do a hard cleaning. Scrubbing it does nothing, and the algae just come back with vengeance. When algae have been in your pool for months, they can permeate the porous plaster of the pool and get deep inside the plaster. The only way to get rid of that is acid wash pool service.

results of acid washing your pool reclaim your pool from algae and dirt with pool acid wash

Get The Best Acid Wash Pool Service

Acid washing your pool requires you to follow a proper procedure. You have to drain all the water from it. Now, some may think you can do this yourself. You have a pump, some acid and now you can do it on your own. 

But remember, working with hydrochloric acid is dangerous. When it falls on the pool floor, it will release fumes. Even mixed with water, it can be highly corrosive if you are not wearing the proper safety gear and using the right equipment. That’s why it makes sense to get the best acid wash pool service. 

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Pool and Spa Medics is backed up by licensed and trained technicians who ensure your pool is thoroughly cleaned and neutralized, so it’s completely safe for you and your family.

We provide our pool acid wash services in all major locations near you, including:

  • Denver
  • Castle Rock
  • Evergreen
  • Brighton
  • Ft. Collins
  • Longmont
  • Englewood

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