Do Summer Right with Professional Pool Opening Service

Do Summer Right with Professional Pool Opening Service

Make the most of the warm months by scheduling your pool opening service now. Pool and Spa Medics, Denver’s premier pool and spa service, is taking appointments now.

Here in Colorado, we only get a few short months to really enjoy summer pool weather. Which is why getting your pool up and running before the warm weather is smart. Scheduling a spring pool opening with a professional pool service means your pool will be ready for every holiday you can throw at it, from Memorial Day barbeques to Fourth of July parties. 

Why Get a Pool Opening Service?

Opening your swimming pool after winter is more than just taking the tarp off and scooping up some leaves. Regular spring maintenance on your pool, hot tub, or spa can ensure you have a trouble-free summer ahead and keep your equipment humming properly for years to come. 

What is Included in Pool Opening Service

Every pool set-up is different, and opening an inground pool can be very different from an above-ground or hot tub. As a full-service pool maintenance company, our technicians are familiar with all the latest brands and models of pool equipment, so you know your pool is in good hands. 

Our pool specialists are the best in the business. We’ll…

  • Check your pump and other equipment to make sure everything is working properly
  • Reinstall any ladders or lights that need replaced
  • Use top-of-the-line chemicals to give your water an opening treatment
  • After the basic service, you can add on tasks as well, such as removal of safety covers and tarp cleaning. From cleaning your filter to vacuuming, our pool experts will give your pool a customized workup.

We're ready to serve you!

And when fall comes again and the weather turns chilly, call us again to set up a professional closing service. We’ll make sure everything is packed away against the winter temperatures, so you won’t have any unexpected surprises next season. 

What Sets Us Apart from Other Pool Opening Companies

Pool and Spa Medics are Denver’s premier pool services company. We offer both private and recreational services, with certified pool technicians that have decades of experience in the industry. Serving the following locations:

  • Denver
  • Castle Rock
  • Evergreen
  • Brighton
  • Ft. Collins
  • Longmont
  • Englewood

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