Keep Your Saltwater Pool Happy with Pool Sand Filter Maintenance

Keep Your Saltwater Pool Happy with Pool Sand Filter Maintenance

Salt water pools are wonderful, but they require constant care. The Pool and Spa Medics offers fast, knowledgeable pool sand filter maintenance and more.

Salt water pools are steadily gaining in popularity, as more and more people recognize how great a chlorine free swimming experience can be. But by their very nature, saltwater pools need regular maintenance by a professional swimming pool services company. Cleaning your pool sand filter is one task you should never skip. Cleaning the sand filter in a saltwater inground pool results in not only better water quality, but can lengthen the life of your filter as well. 

Cleaning Your Pool Sand Filter

As part of regular pool sand filter maintenance, you should also be completely changing the sand in your filter at least every three years. When the sand is never changed out, dirt, debris, and bacteria can accumulate easily, weakening your pool filter’s effectiveness. And that in turn can lead to dirty water, algae growth, and other maintenance problems. Using water softener chemicals may also damage your sand’s effectiveness. 

Why You Should Use Professional Pool Sand Filter Maintenance

While it is possible for pool owners to perform basic swimming pool sand filter maintenance on their salt water pool, there are benefits to hiring a pool service. A regular schedule of cleaning and maintenance will help keep your pool water in top condition, which is great for you and great for your pool equipment itself. And with a dedicated pool service company, you never need to worry about staying on top of your cleaning schedule.

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