Need to Winterize Pool Equipment? Get Help From Pool And Spa Medi

Need to Winterize Pool Equipment? Get Help From Pool And Spa Medi

When the days start to get colder, it’s time to winterize pool equipment and ensure that your investment is protected during the chilly months. Pool and Spa Medics provides the best pool services in Denver, CO.

Winter is that time of the year when the temperature starts dropping and you slowly prepare yourself to bid goodbye (although for a short while) to the summertime pool-side fun. You also start worrying about pool maintenance. It’s not going to be anything like picking up those spring leaves from the pool by yourself. Weekly DIY pool maintenance during winter is just not doable at all, is it? Not to worry! We’ll winterize pool equipment and make closing inground pool access easy and hassle-free.

Signs That You Need To Winterize Pool Equipment

Pool winterization starts with the cleaning of the pool before you close it down. The first sign to look out for is the temperature. It has been observed that when the temperatures start falling below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, algae and other microbial organisms in your pool stop growing. That is when many people start searching for “closing pool for winter” so they can learn about all their options.

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Winterize Inground Pool? How Do I Do That?

You have to start with the basic steps like cleaning the pool thoroughly and removing all the equipment from your pool and storing it safely. You need to use a suitable chemical to balance the water’s pH level. You’ll also have to pump out just enough water that the pool cover is fitting firmly on top.

If the entire winterize inground pool process sounds too complicated for you, then Pool and Spa Medics has got you covered. Your pool is a place where you and your family create happy memories. Naturally, it deserves all the special care and protection we can provide. 

Your Reliable Pool Expert

With more than a decade of providing the best pool winterization service, our company has earned the reputation of being a reliable specialist in this field. 

We are a call away to answer all your queries. Our service areas currently include:

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