Get Automatic Pool Cover Repair Service in Denver, CO

Get Automatic Pool Cover Repair Service in Denver, CO

Pool and Spa Medics provides quality swimming pool cover repair services in Denver, Co. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to providing you with top-notch services. For a free consultation, get in touch with our team!

Most residential or commercial pool owners don’t pay attention to the pool’s cover, but at some point, it might need pool cover repair. There are several pool cover issues that could arise from time to time for which you would need to hire a professional team. There are two types of pool covers, automatic and mechanical. 

Pool and Spa Medics provides affordable pool services in Denver, CO along with professional pool repair service. Pool cover repair service by an expert is essential for quick inspection and solution.

Common Problems of Automatic Pool Covers

There can be minor to major issues that you might face with your pool cover. It’s recommended to consult a professional team and get a repair service before it leads to any major problems. Here are the most common pool cover problems for which swimming pool cover repair services are crucial:

1.     Pool Cover Opening/Closing Issue: This is one of the most common problems that you might face with your automatic pool cover. It’s caused by either a tripped breaker, wiring, or battery issue that requires professional repair service.

2.     The Pool Cover isn’t Moving Smoothly: If you see an uneven movement in your pool cover, then you might need to consider getting a repair service. Sometimes, the ropes get expanded or shrunk over time, causing crooked movement in the opening or closing of the pool cover. Another reason for the uneven movement is clogged up pool cover tracks. Pool and Spa Medics offers an automatic pool cover repair service that includes cleaning of the cover tracks by removing dirt or grease that builds up over time.

3.     Torn or Ripped Cover: If you see holes or tears in your pool cover, get in touch with Pool and Spa Medics for specialized pool cover services.

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