Keep Your Pool Happy with Pool Heater Repair and Maintenance

Keep Your Pool Happy with Pool Heater Repair and Maintenance

Don’t waste a second of the Colorado summer. Pool and Spa Medics offer professional pool services and repairs, including pool heater repair. Located in Denver, and servicing the Great Denver area.

When you own a pool or hot tub, there’s a lot that goes into keeping the waters clean and healthy. Working with a professional swimming pool services company and staying on a strict cleaning schedule can definitely help, but eventually, something will break down. When it does, contact the pool experts at Pool and Spa Medics. 

How to Know You Need Pool Heater Repair

The time to call a pool heater repair service is the moment you notice something is going wrong, even if the pool heater still seems to be working. Catching a small problem before it becomes bigger can save you money and prevent a total replacement from being needed. At Pool and Spa Medics, our pool heater repair contractors can diagnose issues internally and externally. They’re experienced with a wide range of different types of heaters and pools, from indoor to outdoor to rooftop, and all the different issues that can come with each one. 

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Possible Causes of Pool Heater Repair

Your pool heater is responsible for keeping your pool temp at the desired temp consistently and depending on how much you use your pool, that can put a lot of strain on the internal components. Other common problems besides wear and tear include wildlife like small rodents getting into the electrical systems or a build-up of debris around the ventilation system. 

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Pool Spa and Medics is based in Denver, and proudly services the following Colorado communities:

  • Denver
  • Castle Rock
  • Evergreen
  • Brighton
  • Ft. Collins
  • Longmont
  • Englewood

Our experienced contractors are familiar with a wide spectrum of pool heater and equipment brands. From solar to electric and gas, we’ll fix your pool heater quickly and get it running in no time so you can enjoy the rest of your summer. Get in touch today!