Colorado’s Premier Pool Supplies

Colorado’s Premier Pool Supplies

Pool & Spa Medics' pool supplies store has everything you need to make the most of your pool & spa.

Pool And Spa Medics is not only the leading provider of pool installation services in Colorado, but we’re also your one-stop shop for pool supplies, too. Our pool supplies can be delivered or picked up. We can supply everything you need to enjoy your pool year round, and our expert staff is always there to provide advice and guidance in pool care. 

Our pool supplies store also carries spa supplies! So whether you’re looking for pool chemicals to help keep your water clean and safe or top-quality spa supplies, Pool And Spa Medics has you covered!

*Please note that our pool supplies store is available on an appointment-only basis in order to ensure one of our experts in pool care is on-site to be able to help you with any questions you may have.

Your One-Stop For Swimming Pool & Spa Products

Pool And Spa Medics are experts in pool and spa care, and we know how to help you make your investment last a lifetime. And we carry more than basic care supplies; our swimming pool and spa products include everything you need to turn your pool into an aquatic dream. Some of the products we carry include:

Filter Systems

Because it isn’t a natural body of moving water, pools need filter systems to help circulate water and avoid stagnation, as well as remove debris and harmful particles from the water. We offer a couple options for pool filters. Cartridge filters and Sand filters are the most common.

Pool Covers

While Colorado’s summers are beautiful, the winters can be brutal, and a pool cover can help protect your pool from wear and tear during the harshest winter months. We offer winter covers and auto covers. 

Pool Chemicals

Under normal conditions, water begins to stagnate and house harmful bacteria and parasites. The proper pool chemicals can help you avoid issues of water contamination, helping keep you and your guests safe from waterborne illness.

Soda Ash 

While pool chemicals are entirely necessary to ensure your water is healthy, they may also decrease the pH of the water (making it more acidic) and irritate the skin. Soda ash is highly alkaline and an excellent pool additive that helps increase your pool water’s pH level, making it more skin-friendly and enjoyable.


There are a couple options for sanitizer for your pool or spa. We can do anything from standard Chlorine or bromine to salt water pools, liquid chlorine, and peroxide systems.

PH down

Acid or Co2 are the preferred options for lowering the ph balance in your pool. Acid is most common and is usually done manually. Co2 is done by injection. 

Colorado’s Leading Pool Service and Supply Provider

Ready for a stunning pool that lasts a lifetime? Give us a call at (303) 842-5278 and speak to a pool expert today!

Pool And Spa Medics serves the following Colorado areas:

  • Denver
  • Castle Rock
  • Evergreen
  • Brighton
  • Ft. Collins
  • Longmont
  • Englewood

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