Shop Pool Covers for Sale to Keep Your Pool Looking Great

Shop Pool Covers for Sale to Keep Your Pool Looking Great

Pool and Spa Medics has been offering swimming pool services for over 10 years now. You can trust us to install, remove, repair, and perform maintenance tasks on all kinds of pools.

Swimming pool covers are some of the pool supplies that offer a wide range of benefits for pool owners. As leaves and temperatures begin to drop, you’ll need to protect your pool by having it covered. This is, however, not the only reason why you should have a high-quality pool cover. 

Covering the pool has numerous benefits both for you and your pool. Here are some of them:

  • Lowers the probability of accidental drowning
  • Reduces evaporation hence conserving water
  • Prevents debris from entering the pool, hence saving time on maintenance
  • Maintains a perfect water temperature at night
  • Reduces energy costs related to heating the pool as most pool covers preserve heat
  • By reducing water evaporation, swimming pool covers are able to reduce chemical consumption. The less the water you’ll need to add to the pool, the fewer the chemicals you’ll add.

We Offer Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers can be opened and closed with a simple touch of a button. These covers are much more secure and are incredibly easy to use, so they are perfect for use as protection against accidents. 

Automatic pool covers need to be installed by a professional such as Pool and Spa Medics who understand them and have the right tools and equipment for the job. On the downside, these covers come at a higher price tag, though they are well worth it. They also help in preventing evaporation and retaining the heat in the pool, which helps extend your swimming season.

We also Install Winter Pool Covers

At Pool and Spa Medics, we also offer some of the best winter pool covers. These are covers meant for covering your pool at the conclusion of the pool season. They are made with high-strength weave that makes them sturdy enough to keep the pool healthy and clean over prolonged cold seasons. 

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If you are looking for affordable pool covers or any pool cover supplies, contact Pool and Spa Medics. We have everything you need to keep your pool clean and healthy, all season long! Areas we serve include: 

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